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The Site of Comm-Together believes that effective electronic privacy is crucial for maximum confidence in the Internet as a means of communication.

The Comm-Together undertakes to treat the computer data relating to its visitors and subscribers in accordance with the legislation in force and not available to informationPotential third parties without prior consent of the parties concerned.

Faq's Privacy and Security

1. What information gets Comm-Together of your visitors and how to use?
2. With whom is that information shared?
3. Policy for data removal.
4. To who can I put more questions?

1. Automatically, only data traffic. On site access Comm-Together, in the future can automatically gather information about the visitor in order to improve the interaction with the system that user, such embra currently does not happen. Such information could be: the country of origin, type of browser, which uses the platform to access the site, and the screen resolution used.

The data of personal information regarding the identity (such as name or address) will always be entered by the visitor voluntarily and never be crossed with another type of information collected, without express consent.
The e-mail information is collected, which is treated according to electronic privacy policy in effect, that is, with all the secrecy and not made available to third parties in any circumstance.

Cookies - The Comm-Together uses Cookies. If you do not want this option is active, proceed to removal options in your browser.

2. The information may be shared with the sites of the system 25 of the Code, but always in the form of statistics and behavior of the site. Never will be made available information about the identity of visitors or any other information about an individual visitor, without your explicit consent.

3. Anytime you can request a viewing, the correction or removal of their data from our databases by sending an email to

4. You can put other issues by sending an email to